Adult Classes 2019-2020

Adult classes are a great way for you to get and stay in shape, reduce stress, exercise your brain as well as your body and meet new friends in a relaxed and cordial environment. Classes are for adults of all ages and experience levels and are held from September through June. Registration is open throughout the year, so it is never to late to come dance with us.

In addition to the benefits of physical movement that improve health and well being for adults, it has been shown that the social aspects are nearly as important as the physical aspects. Students are welcomed to our studio with patience, understanding, empathy and supportiveness. Class sizes are small and every student receives the attention they require. Modifications are available for those with any aches or prior injuries.

Classes are offered in each of four consecutive terms recognizing the importance of commitment, consistency and progression necessary to realize the benefits students are expecting.

Class Descriptions

Adult Ballet – Beginner

Proper Ballet posture and core muscular development are essential outcomes for students taking this class. Flexibility and fluidity of movement are gained as students develop technique moving to inspiring music.  Strength, stamina and confidence acquired in this class will propel your desire to progress into more challenging technique and movement patterns.

Mondays & Thursdays 11:30 am-12:30 pm, Studio 1

Adult Ballet – Intermediate

The fundamentals of posture, core development, flexibility and fluidity are reinforced as students progress through a full, classical ballet barre and gracefully move to the center floor to challenge their balance and coordination with centre practice exercises. The class culminates with a series of more challenging petite enchainments to further stimulate strength, stamina, ease of movement, memory and confidence.

Mondays & Thursdays 10-11:30 am, Studio 1

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